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About Suzana Lipar

Life kindly offers situations where I get to know myself and to practice the Balance of Virtues. I am traveling through time and space of many realities or illusions. Sometimes I stay a little longer, sometimes I merely take a glimpse. The decision is Mine ... Always. In this life, I also experience and create as Suzana.
Sometimes I walk happily into an unknown forest, then another time, I peek into a dark hole where I touch the bottom and push off. If I need to jump into a running river to gain the experience of Trust and Going with the Flow, then I jump. Next time, perhaps, I row with full power. I love the mountains of the Universe. The path as much as the summit, where another piece of my Power is given. I am always carefully and gratefully Watching and Seeing ... Myself in all shades of the Other.
Life is shaping me, as well as the masters in their many roles, through experience in all contrasts of Pain and Love. I love nature, primevalness, sound, touch ... I love life, expression, manifestation ... I love its Simplicity in all shades of Complexity.
My Golden Keys to the treasures are Balance and Responsibility.
As much as I can ... I open my Heart again and again for new teachings, feelings and all the colours and tastes of Life.



Work of Art

Energies mostly determine and direct themselves through intuition and messages into a shape, composition and colour dimension. I follow the impulses of the Universe and thus breathe life into the creation of a therapeutic character. Each one is communicative and sensually expressive in its own way.


Words are the creators of their own unique art. They help to translate feelings, perceptions, and lives. Also to describe what is invisible to the eyes. I always create with enthusiasm and gratitude. I love words.

Individual Conversation

Awareness and Own Responsibility are important keys. Everyone has his own. To unlock our own lock, a Decision must be made first. During the conversation, I can help You understand your own loop that is preventing the lightness and freedom of being.

Energy Essences

Energy Essences contain the elements of Nature supported by the energy of the Universe. Mother Earth, and the Universe work through them. The flower essences and the desert of Egypt, the pyramids from Bosnia, and also the essences of plants and seeds whose source is the universe, add a special touch.


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