About Suzana

In the last twenty years of education and discovering Myself, also as a creator, has shaped its own style and approach in art. With the support of life and my own intuition, I have set myself up in a holistic way in all these years and lightly sailed into my world in my own way. That kneading gives me the freedom to create today. To follow the call, while feeling the confidence and ease, means to fly on your own wings. It is extremely pleasant to know, to have experience, and then to use it all to create something new. When we have everything at hand’s reach, creation is boundless. I love width, depth, possibilities, secrets. The research spirit, commitment and the love for life are inviting me to test new waters every day. I enjoy it so much when I create … anything … Then, I am truly alive. New ideas revive me, they lift me up. I discover the unknown, I am combining the seemingly incompatible, I am reviving. The combination of life’s magic, of this planet and of intuition know no boundaries. My world is diverse and colourful.

Suzana Lipar

Suzana Lipar in press


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