Innovative, creative, technical, practical…

Sometimes a certain technical problem in creation or in general in some project causes us problems.

We have a vision, but we may not know enough about the material or the manufacturing process.

Anything is possible, anything is doable. It usually only takes a different approach, a different point of view or an additional idea for the matter to be carried out.

Twenty years of practice in various fields allow me to find solutions very quickly.

Smaller tips are free, but more complex ones are evaluated according to complexity.

If you need help, write me.


Life Directions

I conduct GROUP workshops, INDIVIDUAL conversations and conversations for COUPLES.

Life offers a whole range of possibilities. Even those who may lead us to a dead end. Then the least we can do is offer first aid in the form of a conversation. You can breathe easy in a safe and peaceful environment.

It may only be necessary to unburden yourself to gather more strength and will to go on. Sometimes one conversation is enough, but sometimes we need sobriety, a concrete reset, and clarity, which we come to gradually.

Awareness is key. A different viewpoint, a broader picture as well.

What does stability mean to you?

I understand stability as a consequence of a good knowledge of myself and my internal mechanisms. Thus, placed and coordinated, we can then live responsibly. Truth and freedom are always options if we are willing to constantly question and explore ourselves.

Beliefs, patterns, traumas, experiences leave consequences that can be used. They can keep us trapped or they can be an exceptional springboard. The decision is ours. Always.

Understanding, trust, lighting, layout, and functioning are attributes that influence the way we shift. We choose it ourselves. Consciously or not. In each moment.

Life has shaped and mastered me. It still does. I know how it looks like at the bottom and I know how to live my life responsibly. There are no shortcuts. The choices and helps are endless. Visible and invisible.

I listen and offer what I can.

I show you how you get in touch with Yourself.

Together we find the source of the imbalance.

I tell you how to Set up and maintain Stability.

But you do your part yourself, because it is the only way you can master yourself and consciously, decisively, and independently navigate through life.

The final step is FREEDOM.


Individual conversations take place via zoom or live in Novo mesto or by agreement.

You can book an appointment by e-mail.