LABYRINTH is a pattern of power that empowers and enables balance of body, mind and soul. We use labyrinths to redirect energy. By using it, we can relax, calm down and feel peace, or, if necessary, increase energy levels, concentration and focus.

GAME – Children relax and calm down by using the maze. They feel better when they are sad, scared or in need. It is a popular tool in the Montessori program, as it affects coordination, font shape and the regulation of fine motor skills. Children strengthen their attention and concentration in a playful and easy way. For the purpose of play and relaxation, the finger maze can also be used by adults.

MEDITATION – “Walking” with your finger through the maze is a ritual for exploring your own depths. It can be prayer. Each maze has its own character and purpose. With its help a person relaxes, improves self-confidence, stability, increases energy levels. Communication and relationships improve, intuition sharpens. By gently gliding along the path, we breathe calmly and relax our mental activity. With the help of these forms, patterns of power, we come to the source, to the knowledge of consciousness.

ENVIRONMENT – Regardless of the size of the maze, it always has a beneficial effect on the environment in which it is located.

USE – Travel with your finger on the track slowly or quickly. There are no rules for how fast we move on it. We always start at the entrance to the maze. In the middle, turn the direction and start moving along the same path to the starting point. Repeat the path inwards and outwards several times. We simply surrender to him. The finger can be used alternately on the dominant and non-dominant hands. You can also use the included stick or ball for a variety of experiences.

More detailed and more information is included in the uniquely hand-painted packaging.

There are currently three forms available. The Labyrinth of Energy, the Labyrinth of Power and the Labyrinth of Love and Creativity .

If you wish, we can make other forms of finger labyrinths in Slovenian wood impregnated with natural oil.