Orgonite creates a strong energy field that has a healing and calming effect on people and space. As the orgone resin hardens, it shrinks and constantly presses on the contents.

It works on several levels. The orgonite in itself purifies, protects, harmonizes space and our bodies. It also has an alchemical action in its formation.

The orgonite is a transformer of life energy.

It can be described as an accumulator that absorbs all the energy and converts it into pure orgone energy through the contents of the orgonite.

In my orgonites, there are metal shavings, spirals, symbols, various materials from nature, crystals, gold… Such an orgonite emits positive vibrations into the environment, which are clearly detected in its presence.

Flowability and intent are important during the process of creation. Because I am an esthete, the contents of an orgonite are nicely interconnected and positioned. I indulge in the ideas, energies, and hints of the universe. The messages are always clear.

The products have that cherry on top, that something special that appeals to the soul, that invites balance.

Let them transform, let them heal.