Rose quartz is the stone of love, increasing self-confidence and emotional stability.

It makes us lively and supports the birth of new ideas.

It helps you understand and accept yourself and others.

It has a positive effect on relationships, as it carries a gentle and warm energy.

Handle: beech wood impregnated with linseed oil

Height: 8,5cm, Diameter 2,5cm


Orgonite massage can be made on yourself or on another person.

Suitable for all ages.

Through gentle circular movements and light pressure on the acupressure points and by gently gliding over the meridians, the energy flow of the body is established. It removes blockages.

As a result, this type of massage also has an impact on the spiritual and mental level of a person. It absorbs all energy into itself and transforms it through the chaos in the orgonite base into pure orgone, life energy. In this way, it purifies, protects and harmonises the body.

Orgonite emits positive vibrations and thus has a healing and calming effect on our well-being.

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