POWER IN ME e-book

The e-book is written in Slovenian language.

The format is adapted to the printing possibilities.

Twice a year, a two-month online course is held on the basis of the Power in Me Guide.

In this way, it is easier and faster to stabilize and consciously act in a new way, with constant regulation.

The group process provides more support. Also, progress with constant work is more visible and tangible.

When we quickly recognize our own excuses and act out of a space of responsibility and clarity, a new wind blows in our lives.


Doors or windows to Freedom open from within. The key is balance. Making a move, however, is a matter of decision.

When you no longer know how to proceed. When the chaos is too great. When everything that has worked for the force so far collapses. Wheh…

Then it’s time to change, … your perception, your actions, your fundamentals. Time to take matters into your own hands. Time to differentiate.

The guide shows the possibility, which is just one of many, to the power that hides within each of us.

Responsibility, vigilance and clarity are the first conditions for conscious living, for awareness.

From here, the path is easier. The being observes the processes more calmly.

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