The deck of 55 cards is presented in a personalised unique packaging enriched with semi-precious stones, in which, in addition to the cards, there is also a wooden symbol of balance.

SIZE: 10 x 10 cm

English and Slovenian versions are available.

You can use them alone or in combination with the book.

When you buy a set (book and cards) you get 20% discount.


The cards are an extension of the book The God Within or slovenian e-book Moč v Meni.

The deck contains 55 cards of individual virtues, values and personality traits that invite us to consciously direct our attention and balance, which is a good starting point for action.

With the help of these cards, you can strengthen or You put Yourself at your centre by observing your own actions.

With the help of the cards, you shape and direct energy inwards.
Strengthen taking responsibility for your life and consciously use your Power.

They help you to sharpen your focus, strengthen your awareness and, as a result, discover your full potential.

The cards are basically a working tool to raise awareness easier and faster, to live consciously and to quickly recognize if you get stuck.

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