It is a living art. The pulsation of life.

Its purpose is mainly support and healing. Also, the reawakening and activation of memories of long-forgotten knowledge.

We enter the dimension of invisible worlds through painting, sculpture, orgonite, sound, smell… Words are often not enough to describe it.

Every creation is communicative in its own way. Most of all, sensually expressive. It whispers something interesting to everyone.

In the creative process, I am led by intuition, curiosity, and the joy of life. The energies determine and direct themselves into a shape, composition, and color dimension. I follow the impulses and the instincts of the Universe, which is much more than really meets the eye.

Most products invite you into balance and depth of your own power.

The paintings, sculptures, and other creations are made by order in the desired dimensions.

The creation can be personal or intended for couples, communities, or companies. Before the production itself, an oral or written conversation is held to place the energies.