In many cultures, they illustrate, represent, communicate. They are a genre of art and the precursors of paintings.

In addition to the visual symbolism, sculptures with an energy connotation also have a wide range of activities through energy-containing materials.

The elements of sculptures interact with the space and energy field of the body. In their presence, our inner strength is enhanced.

Crystals in combination with precious metals clean the space, heal, and encourage us in our work.

The logical consequence of the presence of such a sculpture in space is fluidity, the withdrawal of negativity, and the influx of abundance.

A certain combination and placement of the sculpture reduces stress and calms situations, another helps with better concentration and work efficiency, and a third encourages creativity.

Creations are alive, eloquent, powerful. They work. They invite you into balance. They are constantly vibrating and moving energy so that it circulates so that the flow of energy is constantly in motion.

If you think that this kind of support would invigorate and empower you, your family, or your team, I am at your disposal with many ideas and products.

I make energy paintings or sculptures according to the needs and wishes of the client.