ACADEMY FOR LIFE - Academy of intuitive energy art

At the Academy, we offer you a variety of innovative ways to get in touch with yourself and express yourself through art. Creativity is a unique expression of the moment… in all areas of life. It is an activity that allows growth… both inwards and outwards.

The programmes offered give you the opportunity to live consciously and peacefully in the chaotic life. You will discover the power of responsibility and awareness and the importance of maintaining balance.

Using your own intuition, virtues and skills, you sharpen your perceptions, gain clear insights into how you experience and respond to external stimulation. Connected to yourself in this way, you give your originality a chance.

The programmes are designed to work consciously on yourself.

Discover, find or remember your Source.



Intuition is an inner compass that invites us to act in the direction of our life path. Let’s give it a chance.



Virtues are the basic ingredients of wisdom.

A life of virtue is a rich life.



Art is a polygon for expressiveness.
Creating leads us to our uniqueness.
In parallel, we also boost our self-confidence.