(A Slovenian version of the e-book titled Moč v meni is also available.)

it reveals the hidden, illuminates the captured, causes a Click.

A way is shown, a tool is offered to step on the path of consciously creating your life from the space of Power.

The concept of perceiving oneself and others will definitely change.

By making a decision and using what is handed over in the book, you create with Awareness and Responsibility. You become aware of your potential.

I have walked the path; I am still walking… I make conscious choices; therefore, I know – It works.

It is a deep intimate interaction of the Self with Life… with the holiest.

It is extremely simple. No beating around the bush, directly, clearly.

This is a guide for those who:
– have enough of searching outside
– decide to live a quality life… not only to survive.
– dare… to stop and face the truth.
– have enough of the influence of patterns, archetypes… or other persons.
– simply feel that another piece in the puzzle is missing.
– are ready.

Seers, readers, translators, consultants… show, reveal, direct…
After that it is up to the individual to take a step, to walk.

We usually stop at the question “How?”

One of the possibilities is shown in the book. It is extremely effective.

The shift in consciousness is not usually changed overnight.
In about three months, things are perceived, internalized.
After that, it is just about maintenance. About some kind of discipline.

The method presented in the book can be used in all situations.
Weeks, months, years of perseverance and action from the space of responsibility bring exceptional gifts.

Regardless of the challenges, playing with the default way of functioning becomes easy, sympathetic, and simple.

We stop being afraid of our own shadows, stop grumbling about injustice, or demeaning ourselves. Dramas, illusions, and excuses are drastically declining.

The guide is equipped with Source Codes, which additionally offer help in finding balance, in remembering. They somehow hold the ground.

… Of course, always, and only if/when WE DECIDE.

EVERYTHING is available