In the book you will be able to recognize the connection of yourself with yourself and with Nature.

Our beloved Nature is really a special kind of healer, confidant, consort.

If you allow it to touch you, the words will take you into depths. A sensible perception and recognition of yourself in the Universal Language of Nature is indeed a great gift of Life.

The book is like a green ocean in which one can swim, float or dive into your own universal dimension. It awakens, shakes, crumples, or just makes us laugh.

Special attention was paid to the design of the book.

Each copy is made by hand. The materials were carefully selected. Beech wood has been used for the cover. The text is printed on acid-free archive paper. 22 carat gold is stamped for the title on the recycled ecological cover.

You can experience nature through materials as well.

The book is bilingual (SL/EN).

Excerpt from the book


The wind dishevelled his hair. The Rain spruce him up and the sun awake a memory of home in him. Stable, truthful he is a king of our woods. Symbol of bravery, symbol of honour.

Although it seems that since ancient times there stands in the middle of the forest. Although it seems that this is his destiny, it isn’t true. In truth he travels, swimms, flies with you, with me. In our heart, in our soul. He is a pillar, a teacher, an elder, a father which gives the support, if his so nor daughter wants or not.

He doesn’t fall on any excuses, pretendings, fancy talks. Oh, he is not. He shake your shoulders, gives you a determined look and tells you. You are worthy to be happy, you are worthy to be allowed to be happy. He doesn’t handle you, not rock you. Never he speaks empty words. He is a man of his word. In his life a misery doesn’t exist. Short and clear he speak. Take it or leave it. This will be a contest in your plate.

Dear Oak of mine

Your presence is realy mighty. You are a enormous man even from the side view. At first you look like a huge beast. On the second look, this is an illusion.

(To be continued)